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Measurement Mode

How to Use Measurement Mode on Desktop.

  1. Click the “Measurement Mode” icon in the bottom-left of the interface.
  2. Click the “+” icon in the center of the screen.
    • This will open the measurement cursor, which features our new “scope” – this allows you to make detailed measurements using precise zooming.
  3. Find the point where you want to start your measurement and double-click to place your first measurement marker. 
  4. Drag the line vertically or horizontally along the edge or corner you want to measure.
    • Optionally, use the “scope” (pictured above) to line up your line more precisely with edge or corner of the object. 
  5. If you want to construct a measurement line from the floor to the ceiling, double click either the floor or ceiling to create the line.
  6. Click once more to end your measurement line.
  7. From here, you can continue measuring different angles of the object you’re measuring by repeating steps 1-8 above.
    • Keep in mind: at any time, you can click the “trash” icon to delete your current measurement. 
  8. When you’re done measuring the object, click or tap the green “check” icon in the center of the screen.
    • After you click the “check” icon, your finished measurements will appear appended to the object, as seen above. 
  9. To continue adding measurements, simply hit the “+” icon in the center of the screen and follow the previous steps to add additional measurements to your model.

Use Measurement Mode in (Phone or Tablet) 

  1. Tap the “Measurement Mode” icon at the bottom-left of the screen. 
  2. Navigate to the area you want to measure.
    1. You can do this by tapping on different aspects of the environment – once you’ve found the general area you want to measure, frame your shot by dragging to look around. 
  3. Tap the “+” icon in the center of the screen.
  4. Press and hold your finger on the exact location where you want to start your measurement.
    1. If you’re starting your measurement on the corner of a table, we recommend zooming (expand your fingers) to place the point exactly where you want it. 
  5. Place and hold your finger on the exact location where you want to end your first measurement.
    1. This will create a measurement line between the two points you selected. 
    2. Alternatively, you can hold your finger over the first measurement, then drag the line along the edge or corner you want to measure. 
  6. To continue adding lines to your current measurement, press and hold on the next point you’d like to measure.
  7. When you’re finished measuring, click the green “Check” icon to view your measurements in Showcase, or the “Trash” icon to start over.


“Scope” it  –  Use the “scope” to refine your measurements. 

Click and drag to move around  –  Remember, your floor plan is a 3D object. Move around to the get the best vantage point for your measurements! 

You can set preferences for the measurements tool by clicking on the cog icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Snapping determines whether the ‘scope’ will automatically snap onto edges and corners, which is an accurate way to use it.  Turn it off if you’d like to choose a point yourself.

Continuous Lines, if on, will make each measurement become continuous with its predecessor.

Units is the choice of U.S. (Imperial) or Metric units.